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Absences & Tardies

Daily and timely attendance supports academic success and healthy social/emotional development. When students are absent, they miss valuable learning and time with their peers, both of which are critical in your child's growth. 

Clearing Absences

All absences should be reported to the school within 3 days. To report an absence, call the school office at (818) 241-2164.  If you call after school office hours, you may leave a message with your child's name, teacher name, and reason for the absence. Please send a note with your child upon their return to school. If an absence is not reported to the school within the time alotted, it will be considered a truancy. 

If your child is absent more than 3 days consecutively or more than 7 days within this school year, a doctor's note will be required to excuse the absence.  Please plan for your vacation days with our school calendar in mind. 

If your child has been ill with a communicable disease, undergone surgery, or is wearing a cast or splint, please report this to the health office upon return with a note from the doctor clarifying any restrictions. 


Students are expected to be in school and in line by 8:05 am. School gates will close promptly at this time.  Late arrivals will be expected to go through the front office. Any student who arrives 29 minutes or later will be considered tardy.  3 tardies will be considered a truancy.  Take traffic and weather into consideration when planning your morning routine, and support your child's timely arrive to school.